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In this article, we will talk about getting free ps4 accounts with games and more PSN details.

PlayStation 4 Pro is the most advanced model of the current PlayStation 4. It supports 4K graphics, HDR technology, stability, and a smooth frame rate. Remember that there will be no exclusive games for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Because the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Basic free ps5 accounts are members of the same family, they both fit perfectly with the past, present, and future, including PlayStation VR games. All PlayStation 4 games are PlayStation 4 Pro games and vice versa.

Will PlayStation 4 games match with PlayStation 5 Pro?

Yes, all current PlayStation 4 games are fully compatible with the PlayStation 5 Pro. Also, developers will be able to add PlayStation 4 Pro improvements to those games with free updates if they want to.

Does PlayStation 4 Pro require a 4K screen?

No. The PlayStation 4 Pro can display games at a higher resolution than the standard PlayStation 4 unless you use a 4K screen. But if you have a 720p, 1080i, or 1080p HDTV, the PlayStation 4 Pro can improve your gaming experience.

PlayStation 4 Pro on HDTV

The PlayStation 4 Pro will provide many benefits, even with playing games on an HDTV. Depending on the way the developer has chosen to increase processing power, PlayStation 4 Pro games will be able to show more vibrant graphics and details, a smoother frame rate, and a large environment, and increase the overall quality and visual technologies.

Will Sony continue to support the Basic PlayStation 4?

Yes, because the PlayStation 4 Pro is a development for the regular PlayStation 4, which will also include the same basic PlayStation 4 system. The PlayStation 4 Pro is designed for players who want to experience more robust, stable, and dazzled games.

What resolution will the PlayStation 4 Pro support?

On 4K TV screens, the PlayStation 4 Pro will support a maximum resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, also known as the 2016p 4K. On HDTV, it will play the games at 1080p.

Transfer content from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 4 Pro?

Yes. You can copy your PS4 accounts with games free, save files, videos and photos, system settings, and the rest of PlayStation 5 content to PlayStation 4 Pro using the primary Ethernet cable.

The method also works from the PlayStation 4 Basic to the last Basic PlayStation 4, from the PlayStation 4 Pro to the PlayStation 4 Basic, and from the PlayStation 4 Pro to another PlayStation 4 Pro provided they are working at or above 4.00 updates.

However, you can sign in to the PlayStation Network account on the PlayStation 4 Pro to access the games library and reload the games you’ve already purchased. You’ll undoubtedly be able to transfer the saved files to online storage.

PS4 Technical questions

  • Video settings on PlayStation 4 Pro.

At launch, the PlayStation 4 Pro will support all HD-supported videos on the basic PlayStation 4. It will also support 4K video with 2160p YUV420, 2160p RGB, and 60fps when using a 4KTV screen and premium HDMI cable.

  • Compare the PlayStation 4 Pro with the Basic PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is significantly better than the PlayStation 4 model. The PlayStation 4 Pro includes an advanced graphical processor has many of the features of the latest AMD: Polaris designs, and a set of complete hardware innovations.

  • What is HDR imaging technology?

The human eye can see a range of colors that cameras can’t capture, so some people use high-dynamic image technology to bring captured images closer to real-life colors. 

The technology enables us to increase color depth on a large scale. It presents a more vibrant and closer picture of what the human eye sees, meaning more details, and more accuracy.

  • Will PlayStation 4 Pro support Dolby Vision HDR?

There are no plans to support Dolby Vision.

  • Does PlayStation 4 Pro support HDR imaging?

Yes, The PlayStation 4 Pro fully complies with HDR10 specifications when launched.

  • Are there any other benefits in the PlayStation 4?

Yes. The device will include a 1TB hard drive, faster Wi-Fi, USB 3.1 Gen. 1 port, an improvement in PlayStation VR games, and other development in using Share Play and Remote Play.

However, for other things, it will be very similar to the basic PlayStation 4, Including user interface and functionality.

  • PlayStation 4 pro VR games!

They will confirm the list of games after they launch the two devices.

  • Requirements for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Yes, just if you want a full 4K and HDR experience. Otherwise, no. To fully enjoy the device’s technology, you must have a 4KTV screen and premium HDMI cable.


  • Does PlayStation 4 Pro support Ultra 4K Blu-ray discs?

No. PlayStation 4 Pro will not support reading 4K Blu-ray discs. But it will help the same Blu-ray discs on the Basic PlayStation 4.

  • What are the entertainment options for 4K support?

Netflix and YouTube applications are being developed for 4K, and they will support all similar services in the future.

  • Broadcast my gameplay to maximum settings!

Yes. At launch, you’ll be able to stream to YouTube as much as possible, 1080p and 60 fps.

  • PlayStation 4 Pro physical measurements:

It’s slightly larger than the 2013 PlayStation 4 model, measuring approximately 295×55×327 mm. (Width x height x length)

Free accounts ps4 email and password

The Sony account can access the PlayStation services, and to create it on the computer, you must follow the following steps:

Go to the site for the creation of a new account for Sony.

Enter personal information in custom boxes, which include: email address, date of birth, and place of residence information.

Choose a password for the account.

Click on I agree, create my account.

Access the pre-provided email address and confirm it by clicking on the link sent by Sony.

Go back to the Sony account creation page and press the “Continue” button. 

Click on the image of the “Update Account” image on the next page. 

Choose the name (Online ID), which will be visible to other users. 

 Click on the “continue” option.

 End the process of updating the “Sony PlayStation” account by entering the username, answering security questions, identifying house information, and payment method for non-free services.

 Click on “Finish,” the user will see a message stating that the account creation process has been successful.

Restore your free PSN accounts password if you forget it

The way you restore your Sony account password varies depending on the device used, follow that:

Reset your free PS4 accounts password:

Go to the Settings screen. Click on “Account Management” and then “Sign In,” if the sign-in link does not appear, you must sign out of the account and return the steps mentioned. Click on the triangle icon, enter the email address, and then click on next. Go to the pre-entered email address, search, and click on the activation link sent from Sony’s website. Enter the information requested by the site in the custom boxes. Set a new password.

Ps5 account password reset:

Click on the PlayStation Network on the home screen, and then on “Sign in.” Click on the triangle icon, and later on Forgot Your Password? And follow the steps mentioned earlier.

PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV: Click on the bag icon in the green circle. Go to Settings. Click on PlayStation Networks and then Sign In.

Click Forgot Your Password. Follow the following steps mentioned earlier. Computer or phone: Go to Account Management Settings. Click Sign In. Click on the are you having trouble signing in? I forgot my password or trouble signing in? Follow the previous steps.

Change information for free ps4 accounts

There is some information that the user cannot change, which includes: identification number, country of residence, date of birth, and the rest of the data can be changed by following a set of steps that depend on the PlayStation device used:

1. Change Ps3 account information

Access the basic device menu (XMB™ Menu). Click on (PSN), and then on Sign-in. Click on the Account Management icon. Choose Account Information. Change the fields as desired.

2. Change Ps4 account information

Access to the user’s account on your PlayStation device. Click “Control pad” to enter the main menu and choose settings. Click on Account/Network Settings (PlayStation™Network/Account Management). Choose “Account Information” and make the desired adjustments.

3. PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV

Go to Settings. Click (PSN), then “free ps4 account information” or “Profile.”

4. Computer or phone

Go to the “PSN Account” section. Then click on “Account Details.” Make desired changes.

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