Free Origin Accounts With Games

free origin accounts

We will talk about how people can get or create their free origin accounts with games.

Origin app is a vital program to download, buy, and play modern games produced by Electronic Arts games specialized in professional game production such as Need For Speed, FIFA, and BattleField.

Also popular for producing various sports games like FIFA and all its versions, which is a strong competitor to PES as it needs high operating specifications, especially the latest versions of it.

How do free Origin accounts work?

Origin application works on running the latest high-quality games. And one of its most essential features that it runs the strongest and latest games online. After the release of this program, there is no need to play solo where Origin gives you the ability to play with your friends remotely online, as you can play with anyone outside your country where millions of users use this app monthly.

You can play a lot of games, the most important of them are FIFA 2019 and FIFA 2020 (trial version) or any other version of it, sims3 and battlefield and Need For Speed that we mentioned earlier and a lot of other games that you will love.

The application is straightforward. All you have to do is to download it and install it on your computer.

Sometimes it may ask to update Origin to the latest version; do the update directly. After installing the software on your device, it displays a set of games in the program.

After you choose your favorite game, you can buy it or try it for free after downloading it through the Origin program.

Origin accounts & program features

  • Small and easy to use.
  • Plays and experiments with all EA games to check the features of the game before making a purchase.
  • It has easy access to any game with the built-in search engine.
  • Safe and do not cause any damage to your computer.
  • Compatible with most different operating devices and systems.

Disadvantages: Some users may have trouble playing games on Origin or making an account on it, but it is not that hard.

Origin app interface

This application has a simple and straightforward interface to browse different games with ease; they are in various categories; for example, you will find action games, adventure games, and sports. 

It also has a search engine to access the game you want with ease, quickly, and contains a set of shortcuts that help you get the steps done rapidly and efficiently.

Origin application technical Information

App Name: Origin.

Release: 2016.

License: Free.

Size: 16 MB for Windows, 57 MB for Mac.

System requirements for Windows

Processor: 1GHz processor Intel Pentium 4 or newer, AMD Athlon 64 or later.

Memory: 512 MB.

Free space needed: 150 MB.

Windows Version: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8/8.1

System requirements for Mac

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

The operating system needed: OS X 10.7 minimum.

Space required: 150 MB.

How do I buy games on Origin?

  • You can order from the Origin store online or through the Origin app.
  • Order a game through
  • Go to
  • Find the game you want and click on the game board to view the details.
  • Click on a pre-order now.
  • You can add a game to your wish list, or you can present the game as a gift to a friend on Origin.
  • Order a game through Origin.
  • Turn on the Origin client.
  • Click on the store.
  • Browse or search for your game and click on the game board to view the details.
  • Click on a pre-order now.

You can also add a game to your wish list, or you can present the game as a gift to a friend on Origin.

So if you’ve already signed in to your EA account, they will load the payment information page.

You haven’t signed in yet, sign in using your EA account login details to get the payment information page.

If you don’t have an account with them, click create an account to register. Once you register, the “Payment Information” page will load.

Enter your payment information or use a payment method that you have already saved in your account. Click on the follow-up to review the request.

If you have a promotional code, click enter a promotional code, enter your code in the box, and then press Send.

Submit your request, and you’ll get the game right away.

They will send you an email to confirm your purchase. Remember to check your spam or junk folder if you have trouble finding the message.

Are you having trouble making a purchase? See their instructions on common payment errors and how to explore and fix these issues.

What payment methods can I use on Origin?

Payment methods vary depending on your location and currency. Depending on your location in the world, you can pay for purchases using payment methods such as:

  • Alipay.
  • Dotpay.
  • EA money card.
  • Gold Wallet.
  • iDeal.
  • Ingenico card.
  • Jcb.
  • KCP Credit Card.
  • American Express.
  • MasterCard.
  • PayPal.
  • Qiwi.
  • Trustly.
  • UnionPay.
  • Visa/Visa Debit.
  • Webmoney.

Make secure purchases on Origin accounts

We want to make sure you are the only person who makes purchases on your free Origin account, so we provide another level of security for Origin for Visa and Mastercard®.

Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode® helps protect your cards by adding an extra level of security when shopping online. If you turn on these two features, you must enter a PIN or password when trying to buy something.

It’s helpful if you have sons who might try to buy something by mistake, or if anyone else tries to use your card. These two features will help you protect your security and origin account.

Create a new Origin account and login

Gamers can download games and search for them through the ratings they offer.

The user can link their account to Facebook, PS Natural, and Xbox to find and communicate with friends.

Getting free origin accounts is very easy, and through easy steps, at first, go to the Origin site to show you an interface as you see, enter the required data from you correctly.

How to get or create your free Origin Account?

We download the Origin program from the official website.

After downloading the program, we install it on the computer and open the application.

From the program, click on the link, create an account.

It will take you to the interface of a new account, choose the country and date of birth.

Now, enter the following data in order of the username, account email, password, password confirmation, security question, and answer, and write the verification code in the box.

Now, you’ve got a full Origin premium account with games, choose the game you want, and enjoy the most-powerful program in the gaming world. 

Don’t forget to activate your account by accessing the email page and activating the account.

Remember that you can make Origin accounts free without downloading the software by accessing the software’s web page.

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