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free netflix accounts

Hey guys, welcome again today we talk about Netflix and how to get free Netflix accounts with the simplest methods like giveaways and surveys that will help you get free premium Netflix accounts, Netflix free trial, and free Netflix account and password full data creation.

Netflix An American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997. In Scotts Valley, California. This service provides live and video-on-demand service. In 2013, the company expanded its production of movies, TV shows, and online video distribution.

And in 2017, it took over Los Gatos as the company’s headquarters, expanding globally to cover almost all countries in the world.

What is Netflix?

It is a video-on-demand service, whether it is movies or series of all categories and for all ages. It’s like watching a film on your television, instead, Netflix works on the Internet (online) and it works on almost all known and popular devices.

Netflix is an on-demand watching service, meaning you can choose the movie or series you want to watch. Don’t forget that the service is of high quality without commercials.

Netflix has an independent film and series productions library, content explicitly produced for Netflix to show it first. 

You’ll always find something new to discover, and they add more TV shows and movies every month.

Netflix device support

Netflix supports many devices and systems including Windows, Android, iPhone,

Windows Phone, iPad, Chrome OS, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Wii, some TVs (smart TVs like Apple TV).

How does free Netflix account work?

First, subscribe to the service, which has a monthly subscription, and at the beginning of your subscription, you get a free trial month. The service works through the Netflix app, where you can find on various operating systems, devices, or any internet browser.

Netflix works on a wide range of devices; you can browse movies and series according to their ratings and then choose any of them to show you a trailer of the film, its duration, year of production, ratings, and more. You can add it to your watch list to watch it later.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Netflix series compared to satellite channels is that Netflix publishes episodes of each season instead of waiting for the next week to show you a new episode of your favorite series. You can pause, step forward, step back, and even share what you watch on social networks and more.

Internet connection needed to watch on Netflix

According to Netflix itself, you’ll need the following Internet speeds depending on the video quality required.

  • 25 Mbps – Ultra HD.
  • 5 Mbps – HD High Quality.
  • 3 Mbps – Normal SD quality.

The quality of the video varies from device to device and from location to location, and you can determine the preferred quality from your account options, so you don’t have problems like lag or waiting to download. The service can also operate with a slower connection than mentioned before, but the video will play on very-low quality.

Although if you use a limited data connection, the service offers several levels of savings such as:

  • Low quality – 0.3 GB per hour consumption.
  • Medium quality – 0.7 GB per hour.
  • High quality – 3GB per hour for HD movies and 7GB -per hour for Ultra HD movies.
  • Automatic – Quality is automatically adjusted to match your connection speed.

Netflix Subscription fee

Netflix offers three monthly subscription packages; the first month is a free trial, the first package (basic) provides standard content, with acceptable quality, and does not allow the service to run on more than one device. The price of this package is $8 per month.

The second package is a (standard) subscription fee; it has $10 per month, offering excellent quality content, where you can use the site on only two devices.

The third and final package is (distinctive), which is the best type of packages offered by Netflix, it provides very high-quality content, and you can use the site and watch on four devices.

Simultaneously, you accept to renew your subscription by credit card or PayPal account, and the monthly subscription price is $12.

The number of Netflix subscribers

Netflix has stated that the number of subscribers on its site reached about 167 million subscribers. They spend over 120 million hours watching the site’s content daily, from all over the world.

Netflix accounts free membership

Choose the plan you want and control the subscription value! Netflix offers three membership plans to suit your needs.

Depending on your plan, the number of people who can watch Netflix content at once will be, whether you can view content with standard resolution (SD), HD, or UHD.

-Primary Plan: One screen plan with SD standard resolution (lets you watch on one screen at a time in standard resolution).

-Standard Plan: Plan two HD screens (allows you to watch on two screens simultaneously in high resolution, when available).

-Featured plan: Plan 4 HD/UHD 4K screens (lets you watch on four screens at a time), one with high resolution and superior accuracy when available.

-DVD plan (only in the United States): US customers in the United States can register in the DVD plan only, or add DVDs to their current streaming plan.

The first month is free for new members.

If you continue your Netflix membership, you will pay once a month. On the same day that I first registered.

You can change or upgrade your plan through your account page.

Free Netflix Accounts TV shows and movies

The service available in over 90 countries, you’ll be able to access great content with ease.

It has a global content library, including award-winning Netflix originals, films, TV shows, documentaries, and more.

Netflix content varies from region to region and may change over time.

The more you watch, the better Netflix is in suggesting the TV shows and movies you love.

You can play, pause, and resume watching as you like, without obligations or commercials.

Also, you can download your favorite shows on your iOS mobile devices or Android or your PC.

With download ability, you can watch on the go, without having to connect to the Internet.

The Netflix film and series library offers a one-size-fits-all, special treatment for children with a dedicated full section that displays animated content that suits their age. 

So you can create an exclusive user free Netflix account for children, and Netflix offers several age account options that take into account the difference among children, young people, teenagers, and adults.

What movies and series does Netflix offer?

I can say it that all the latest movies and series you will find on Netflix, thousands of them all arranged, and you can quickly access the latest productions.

Netflix also devotes large budgets to the production of its content that they will not show on satellite channels until many years later. House of Cards was one of Netflix’s most successful works, first shown online. There is even an exclusive production nominated for the Oscar Academy Awards.

For this year’s exclusive content, there will be 31 new series, about 24 films, many comedy shows, and 30 children’s series, all of which are exclusive content produced by Netflix for the service first.

Create a free Netflix account

The way to login to Netflix accounts is secure, and all you have to do is log into the Netflix site and subscribe, or you can go to the app store on your phone, and download the app from there, fill in the data, choose the right package for you, place your email, and choose an appropriate password.

Then choose how you will pay your monthly subscription if it is PayPal or your credit card, go to your email address to confirm the successful subscription process, and you will immediately enjoy a full month for free.

The site only requires good Internet speed; you can get a reasonable image at a rate of 3MB Internet per second; if you want high quality, the speed should be 5 Mbps.

Follow the below steps to watch Netflix today

  • Choose the membership plan that suits you.
  • Create free Netflix accounts by entering your email address and creating a password.
  • Enter a payment method, so you don’t miss an episode when your free trial ends.

That’s all. Keep going!

You can cancel your free Netflix account subscription within the first 30 days, and they will not charge you.

If you want to continue membership, they will not charge you until your free trial is over.

Also, they will send you a reminder email three days before your free trial ends.

To ensure you continue to enjoy Netflix.

Finally, as a Netflix member, they will charge you once a month on the date you first registered.

If you think Netflix isn’t right for you, you’re always free to cancel online.

Ways to Get Free Netflix Accounts

1. Free Netflix Subscription by using Mobile networks and ISP’s offers
2. Sharing of Netflix Account but as NetFlix gives you permission.
3. Free Trial Period.

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