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The NBA‘s debut was in 1946. The teams comprise two countries (America and Canada). All teams are from America except one from Canada, the Toronto Raptors.

The championship system is 30 clubs distributed to America in different states. The distribution is 15 teams in the East, and 15 teams in the West, where each section comprises 15 teams classified in 3 groups for each classification. 

  • West clubs: – Los Angeles Lakers – Los Angeles Clippers – Oklahoma City Thunder – San Antonio Spurs – Houston Rockets – Minnesota Timberwolves – Denver Nuggets – Portland Trail Blazers – Utah Jazz – Golden State Warriors – Phoenix Suns – Sacramento Kings – Dallas Mavericks – New Orleans Hornets – Memphis Grizzlies.
  • East Clubs: Indiana Pacers – New Jersey Nets – Philadelphia Sixers – Toronto Raptors – Cleveland Cavaliers – New York Knicks – Chicago Bulls – Detroit Pistons – Boston Celtics – Miami Heat – Atlanta Hawks – Milwaukee Bucks – Washington Wizards. Charlotte Bobcats – Orlando Magic.

Section of the west

Groups in this section (Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest)

  • Northwest Group:

1. Denver Nuggets.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves.

3. Oklahoma-city-thunder.

4. Portland-Trailblazers.

5. Utah gas.

  • Pacific Group:

1. Los Angeles Lakers.

2. Phoenix Suns.

3. Golden-state-warriors.

4. Sacramento Kings.

5. Los-Angeles-Clippers.

  • Southwest Group:

1. San Antonio Spurs.

2. Dallas Mavericks.

3. Houston Rockets.

4. Memphis Grizzlies.

5. New-orleans-hornets.

Eastern section

Groups in this section (Atlantic, Central, and Southeast)

  • Atlantic Group Teams:

1. Boston Celtics the most winning teams in the championships and the most ancient.

2. Philadelphia.

3. Toronto Raptors: The Canadian team in (NBA) is the toughest test for the Boston Celtics in the group.

4. New Jersey Nets.

5. New York Kenneth.

  • Central Group Teams:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers.

2. Chicago Bulls.

3. Detroit.

4. Indiana.

5. Milwaukee Bucks.

  • Southeast Group Teams:

1. Orlando Magic.

2. Atlanta Hawks.

3. Bobcats.

4. Miami Heat.

5. Washington Wizards.

The tournament system and matches

  • Regular Season:

Regular Season competitions are between November and April.

  • Each team plays 82 matches during this round with 41 games on the pitch and like it outside the stadium, divided as follows:

1- Each team in their group faces four times (with a total of 16 matches)

2- Each of the teams of the other two groups faces the other two in the same division in three or four games (with a total of 36 matches)

3- Each team in the opposing division meets twice (with a total of 30 games)

4- The schedule ensures that the team will face all 29 other teams in the tournament, at least once off-field and another on the pitch, during the same season.

  • Playoffs:

Eight teams from the Eastern Division and the likes of the Western Section qualify for this stage.

At the end of the preliminary round, they’re ranked by the percentage of victories in the total matches they’ve played. 

In each group, the team with the highest percentage is the champion of the group.

The champions of the three groups plus the team with the best percentage of second-place finishers are ranked 1-4 by their top-to-low percentage of victories.

This system ensures that group champions ranked at no less than fourth place.

They are accompanied to the first round of the elimination stage by the top four teams in terms of the percentage of victories among the remaining 11 teams and ranked from 5th to 8th place.

Seven teams are the lowest in terms of wins.

  • NBA Final:

The U.S. Pro League final brings together the Eastern Division champion against the Western Division champion. 

They hold this role in the same exclusionary role system, where the title is the first team to win four wins out of seven matches.

The team with the highest winning percentage during the Regular Season gets the advantage of starting this round at home.

The team with an advantage plays matches 1, 2, 6, and 7 on home and matches 3, 4, and 5 away.

They make the round in the finals up of 7 matches that will win them in four of the seven matches that will be qualified for the next round and so on.

  • First round:

1. Rank editing #1 faces Rank 8

2. Rank edited #4 with Rank 5

3. Rank edited #2 with Rank 7

4. Ranked #3 with Rank 6

  •  Semi-final section:

1. Match Winner (1) with match-winner (2)

2. Match Winner (3) with match-winner (4)

  • All-Star Game:

Tournament competitions are suspended, and a match in February that brings together the Eastern Division Stars against the Western Stars and is known as the All-Star Game.

A game that millions of basketball fans around the world wait for annually to follow the sport’s top stars face-to-face. Each team has 12 players.

The five key players on each team are selected by public vote in the United States, Canada, and online.

The rest of the players (7 players per team) are selected by the vote of the coaches of the 30 championship teams.

At the end of the match, they will award the most prominent player in the match the “Best Player in the All-Star Game.”

There are also several competitions accompanying the match, including the Junior Slot or the Rookies Challenge, with players who have not yet completed two years in the tournament and new players (Rookies).

A skill or Skills Challenge competition in which the player seeks to pass several tests, including shooting, passing, and shuffle in the shortest possible time.

The Slam Dunk competition, in which players try to score overwhelming throws in the most enjoyable and exciting ways for the public.

By the start of the competition in the 1950s, the Los Angeles Lakers dominated the title, and the New York Knicks were the final contenders most of the time. Later, the Boston Celtics took full control of the NBA after winning 11 of the 13 titles held from 1957 to 1969, The Chicago Bulls’ domination of the 1990s came in the era of legend Michael Jordan.

For the team with the highest number of titles in NBA history, the Boston Celtics are the top 17, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers with 16.

The five wealthiest players in NBA history

  • 5. Shaquille O’Neal ($400 million)

O’Neill, a former Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, and Miami Heat, was impressed by his big body, weighing 325 pounds and 7 feet tall.

He has achieved numerous achievements and records in the Pro League, winning three MVP awards as the best player in the league final, as well as a league-wide tournament.

O’Neill is in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016 and ain television commercials.

He has also appeared in television shows and feature films and has had several sponsorship deals, contributing to a fortune of $400 million.

  • 4. LeBron James ($400 million)

King LeBron James is one of the current NBA legends, who are still on the field, with the Los Angeles Lakers, who moved in last summer, from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron was the NBA champion, winning two Olympic gold medals and three best players in the (NBA) finals.

James signed several huge sponsorship contracts, in addition to his big salaries with the league team, which contributed to a fortune of $400 million.

  • 3. Kobe Bryant ($500 million)

For 20 years, Kobe Bryant played in the NBA, during which he has snatched the spotlight from every one, with many classifying him as the best player in history, competing with Michael Jordan.

In addition to his considerable achievements in American basketball and his large salaries, there were his business ventures and sponsorship contracts, generating a vast fortune of $500 million.

Bryant is an 8-time All-Star player, has been named the Best Defender 12 times before, and is ranked third in the American League rankings as the highest-ranked player in the regular season.

Bryant led the Los Angeles Lakers to the league title for two consecutive seasons in 2009 and 2010, before retiring after the 2015-16 season.

  • 2. Magic Johnson ($500 million)

Magic Johnson is one of the most famous names in NBA history. He played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 13 full seasons.

Johnson made $500 million, thanks to his fame and high standards, winning numerous awards and scoring wholesale records in the league.

Magic has won the MVP award as the best player in the league three times, nine times as the best player in the final of the tournament, and participated in the 1992 Summer Olympics, and was part of the dream team that won the gold medal this year.

Johnson was HIV-positive and diagnosed in 1991 when he suddenly retired from the game and was later honored as one of the top 50 players in NBA history in 1996.

  • 1. Michael Jordan ($1.65 billion)

If you don’t know who Michael Jordan is, you don’t realize one of the world’s best and wealthiest athletes, who has emerged as a star in American basketball and has become its greatest legend.

Michael Jordan is the most famous name in NBA history, with a fortune of more than $1 billion.

Jordan, who has made his career with the Giants in the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards, is the greatest basketball player in NBA history.

How can I get a free NBA subscription

The way to follow the matches is first through beIN Sports, but it doesn’t show all the games.

Or the best way to subscribe to the League Pass than the association’s official website and get free NBA accounts email and password.

Create free NBA accounts

Just put your NBA sign up email, password, date of birth, country, and postal code or just use your Facebook account to log in.

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