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free minecraft accounts

Are there free Minecraft accounts or there are only Minecraft premium accounts so we should talk first about MC?.

Minecraft is an independent game which is developed in Java language by Swedish developer Markus Pearson, who became nicknamed Notch, who later created his own game development company, Mojang, Microsoft, where he developed Minecraft.

Many people from different parts of the world like the game because of its popularity as it has several characteristics that distinguish them from others, and the latest version of the game has several types:

  • Survival

This game is based on collecting many natural resources such as dust and fuel while hiding in a safe place at night to protect against monsters.

  • Creativity

 Through this, we can access all elements and resources in the game through a list called the store.

  • Adventure

They design this game to enable players to experience maps and adventures, allowing the mapmaker group to enlarge the platform to interact with players through text server commands.

  • Watch mode

  • Hardline

They intend this mode of the game only for professional players since the game is more difficult.

Features of free Minecraft accounts

This game is close to a sandbox, and this description is due to its concept that depends on certain boundaries.

However, the game Minecraft lacks high-quality graphics, as it resembles old Atari games. However, it is a brilliant game. 

Also, Minecraft depends on creativity, as the way the game varies between users, so that each player plays according to his dealings, making the game a unique world for each player; finally, it can be said that the game is intuitive. Its graphics are popular with different age groups and cultures, and this is the secret to its success.

Why is Minecraft popular?

  • It’s the reliance on creativity
  • The way and logic of the game vary from person to person.
  • Very simple.
  • You don’t need a powerful computer to turn it on.
  • An attractive multi-player virtual environment.

Minecraft accounts features

  • Design landscapes or rebuild places and objects
  • Create an entire world using Lego-like rectangular blocks
  • Motivate players to work together on a specific “meet-up” construction project in the virtual Minecraft world and chat about everyday life.
  • Impress each other with their skills in creation and creativity.
  • Create many “plugins” to change the mechanics and appearance of the game in many ways.

Minecraft Launch

The game released as a preliminary version on May 17, 2009, and then as a trial version on December 20, 2010, and later released a version called “Minecraft” entitled “Pocket Edition” on Android and iOS system on November 18, 2011, during the Conference of MineCon.

The Android version was initially limited to Xperia Play devices and later became available on all Android devices. In March 2012, they launched the first version of the Xbox as a prototype.

In December 2013, a version was on PS3 and PS4, and in 2014 it was the first version to go down on PSVITA.

They base Minecraft on the creativity of the players, providing the possibility of building different buildings using various cubes, graphics, and colors in a 3D world.

You have to make a shelter for you before it gets dark, and the monsters appear, and there is also the possibility of digging inside your mine to get diamonds and develop the soul, and then you can seal the game.

Free Minecraft account categories

In the last version, there are five types of a first play called survival, and it requires the player to take care of his hunger and pay attention to the points of his life so he can live in this exclusive world, as must assemble building materials to build different buildings.

They call the second category Creative or Creativity, and this part contains no food or points of life and provides you with an infinite number of building materials without collecting them and gives you the ability to fly everywhere.

The third category is hardcore or hard play and is dedicated to professional players as its difficulty increases, and all construction is deleted in case the player’s life points are finished and died.

While the fourth category is adventure or adventure in which you can break anything and have no basis in the game but just an experience. The fifth type is called specter or spectator, a kind of player who can’t do anything but fly and monitor the players.

Minecraft stats

This game is one of the most popular games for people, whether young or even adult, for its simplicity, and has over 56 million players in the world, while over 19 million people in all countries of the world have bought it, while the people who play it with a pirated version exceed edited number of 37 million people in the world.

The price of Minecraft Pocket Edition, the mobile version at the beginning of its release for Xperia Play devices on Google Play, was $6.99 on August 16, 2011, and then launched the rest of the Android version on October 7, 2011. The iOS version was released on November 17, 2011.

How to create a free Minecraft account

You have to own a Mojang account to play and enjoy Minecraft. The Minecraft accounts and the Mojang accounts are the same. Everyone can create a free Minecraft account from its site, and you should create it before you buy the game. If you have an old premium account, you can go to the Mojang account for more and more benefits.

  1. You should visit the Minecraft. Visit the official website from your web browser.
  2.  Click on the “Register or sign up” link at the top right of the screen. This link will turn you to the MC account creation webpage. Mojang is the developer of MC, and you must own a Mojang account to play Minecraft. Now Minecraft and Mojang accounts are referring to the same thing, and all new accounts called “Mojang accounts.”
  3. Enter all the required information. You’ll need a valid email address. Enter a robust password.
  4.  Press-Register. Check the box that provides for acceptance of the terms and privacy policy so you can continue.
  5.  Confirm your email. Once you’ve registered your account, you’ll get an email with activation link that you must click to activate your account immediately. Once you do your account, you can access Minecraft using email and password.

If you don’t find the message of confirmation in your E-mail inbox, check the spam box. The message may only take two minutes to arrive. Now you can use your free Minecraft account full data to log in.

Transfer Minecraft account free username and password to Mojang account

  • Visit the Mojang account conversion page. If you have an old free Minecraft account and password, you can convert it to a Mojang account that provides you with more and more security options and integrates Minecraft into your Mojang gaming library immediately.


  • Enter your username and password. 
  • Mark the “I accept the “I accept” box.
  • Click At (Migrate account), your account will be automatically transferred to a Mojang account.
  • Confirm your email. Once you transfer your account, you’ll receive an email with a link you need to click to activate your Mojang account.

If you don’t find the confirmation message in your inbox, check the spam box. The message may take two minutes to arrive.

  • Sign in to Minecraft using email. After you transfer your account, you will use your registration email to enter Minecraft without the slightest problems.

Useful ideas for creating Minecraft account free

  • Try including a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols in your password to prevent people from hacking into an account.
  •  Make your password difficult to remember for anyone but you and don’t tell anyone.
  •  Try not to block you from the servers. The most common reasons for the ban include insults and theft.
  •  Don’t make the password too short.
  • Don’t use a free Minecraft account generator online.


  •  Mojang only asks you to access free Minecraft accounts and its website, so don’t provide your login information or your Minecraft full data to anything else even if it’s an email from Mojang.

The things you’ll need!

  •  Only a valid email address.

Finally, I will update this free Minecraft accounts list with trusted full data and new methods to create your free Minecraft account.

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