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free instagram accounts

Anyone can get free Instagram account and password with simple steps but before you create or get your free Instagram accounts read the below article.

Instagram is a social network used to take and edit photos and videos, then share it, and it is a social media app, as individuals use it to share photos and videos from smartphones.

Instagram account features

Communication: when the person creates an account, he will be able to post a picture or video, and then it will be displayed on his profile. Also, his followers can see it. It is worth remembering that you can Interact with Instagram users by following them, commenting, liking their posts, and there is also a feature of private messages.

Instagram history

Instagram is one of the first social media platforms to offer the user the ability to post pictures and short videos. We can say that the new Instagram, released in November 2010, was only available to users with Apple devices such as: (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

  • In April 2012, Instagram became available to Android phone users. In the same month, Facebook made history when it made a $1 billion bid to buy Instagram, which was agreed to by the platform owners in September of the same year.
  • Instagram allows users to take photos using the same app or import them from other sources in the mobile phone, and you can apply a variety of filters to photos, rotate them, crop them, and add borders to the image.
  • In June 2013, Instagram began allowing its users to record and share videos of up to 15 seconds, which some saw as a step from Facebook to compete with other platforms.


When you post a photo on your free Instagram account, you have the option to publish it on other social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. You can also add an explanatory text attached to the photos, and refer to your Instagram friends in the picture.

You can also add your photos to the GPS photo map, so they’re available on A Map of the World, only Instagram users can see where the picture is, and the user who put it on the map.

After you post a photo on your Instagram account, your friends will be able to like and comment on the image.

If you haven’t tried Instagram or you’re a new user, here’s some necessary information on how to create an Instagram account, and how to use the services offered by this app.

Create free Instagram accounts

Once the user installs Instagram on the device, the app will recommend creating a free Instagram account. You can register through email, then create a password; or through the current account on Facebook, as the user must add a name, profile picture, and a short resume. Also, you can choose to follow friends who have free Instagram accounts from the Facebook friends list and can skip this step.

  • You can also search for friends by clicking on the bottom of the screen to find the people the user wants to follow, and then click follow.
  • Posting photos, you can post the images you want to post on Instagram by clicking on the box icon in the center of the bar at the bottom of the screen. We can select pictures or videos from the photo file on the device, or take photographs and record new videos. The duration of the videos can range from 3 to 15 seconds; the recording can be started and stopped by clicking on the recording button on the screen, the big red button. 
  • Referring to friends or people can be done while sharing photos, and this can be done by clicking Tag People from the Share screen, clicking anywhere in the image, and then entering the person’s name That you wish to refer to, and select from the drop-down menu.

Download the Instagram app

You should initially download the Instagram app and install it on your device. Through the App Store for iOS devices, or from Google Play for other devices, as the main site of Instagram can be used on the internet for computers.

Still, it has limited uses, where the user cannot download new images but can view pictures, like them, or comment on them.

Keep in mind (free Instagram accounts)

You need to know more details about creating a new Instagram account.

When using your mobile phone, download Instagram from either Google Play or Apple Store, after the download is over follow the following steps:

  • Agree to the terms of use.
  • It’s very similar to social media. You must agree not to use Instagram for illegal activities, such as not to hunt down and terrorize other users, that you will not use viruses or spyware.

The terms of use also prevent you from publishing certain types of images.

So, if you post the following things on Instagram, your account will be subject to temporary closure:

  • Violence.
  • Total or partial nudity.
  • Images of hatred or racism.
  • Illegal activities.
  • Pornographic or sexually inspired images.

Create your Instagram profile

Your free Instagram accounts profile includes a small space for a brief biography of you, a link to your website, and a profile selfie that is a thumbnail when you post a photo or comment on other users’ photos.

You can also specify what you want your post to be public or private (i.e., only people who follow you — followers — can see the publication).

In brief, you can create and subscribe to an Instagram account by using an existing Facebook account or by using email, as it only requires a username and password.

It is preferable to customize your profile settings by adding your name, photo, short resume, a link to the If-Found website, and the possibility of searching for friends on Facebook and following them.

Hashtags on Instagram

We can add the hashtag in the caption below the post or during commenting on posts. Just follow these steps:

  • Taking and uploading a photo or video:

Choose a suitable filter, then print the # code followed by the text you want to type or an emoji in the address box, for example, #Flower.

Followers will be able to click on that hashtag, showing a page with all the photos and videos uploaded by Instagram followers using the same hashtag.

Instagram accounts free user interface

The five icons you’ll use most of the time on Instagram are at the bottom of the UI.

Here are the things you can achieve with these little icons at the bottom of the screen:

  • The Home home icon looks like a home on the left of the bottom of the screen and takes you to the home page, where you can see your friends’ posts, and more.
  • The Search Icon, in the form of a magnifying glass, lets you find posts and people on Instagram to follow.
  • The Camera icon in the middle of the screen is located in a rectangular, pressing it to take pictures or upload them from your mobile.
  • The Profile icon, in which you can access your profile, where you can see and edit your posts as you wish.
  • The news icon on the right of the camera icon, by clicking on it, you’ll be able to see photos and videos that your friends also liked, commented on it.

How do I find friends on Instagram?

Finding people on Instagram is easy; Whether you can click on the Search icon, or click on explore.

Then you can see another page; At the top of it, there’s a place where you can enter the username you are looking for.

Also, Instagram lets you search for signs, keywords that users insert under the images so that anyone can find users with the same interest.

Moreover, you can click on the profile icon, then click on the icon on the top left of the screen; You go to another page where Instagram offers suggestions for popular Instagram pages to follow or friends who have joined Instagram lately.

You can follow them by clicking on the “follow” button next to the person’s name if their account is public, but if their account is private, send a “follow-up” request to see posts.

At last, users can get free Instagram accounts login data free, and I will update the data below.

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