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Anyone can get free Hulu accounts in several legal ways, I will explain it below a step by step until you have your free Hulu account premium or trial.

Hulu resembles the golden age of streamable content over the Internet, and with more than one option for on-demand viewing services, you’ll often get a little confused. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a video-on-demand streaming service that allows users to play popular TV shows and is co-owned by Walt Disney Co., 21st Century Fox, Comcast.

It focuses primarily on streaming new TV shows and original content, whether it was movies or documentaries, offering many paid subscription options (more about this later) to personalize your viewing experience.

Hulu has a growing collection of content such as Marvel’s Runaways, the award-winning drama series The Handmaid’s Tale, and shows such as I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman, all available to Hulu subscribers only.

Also, Hulu’s platform differs from other well-known streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. That it allows users early access to popular series; you usually have to wait a week.

What is Hulu’s live TV?

Hulu’s event is Hulu Live TV, and this streaming service launched nearly a year ago, allowing subscribers to watch live TV shows on-demand from more than 50 popular networks, including local news and sports.

Remember that!

  • Hulu’s Live TV has some disadvantages; The quality of live streaming is often not as good as it should be and suffers very severely with slow internet speeds.
  • The user interface is also in need of many changes and updates, and even just accessing the live TV section of the site can be incredibly frustrating.
  • The connection between Hulu on your computer, Hulu’s Live TV, and Hulu on phones or broadcast devices are still not available.

For example, offers that you saved when you used your computer may not appear on your phone or Xbox after you save it because Hulu’s “Watch History” and Hulu’s “My Stuff” section with live TV may not appear online.

In other words, after all the live TV services we’ve tested, Hulu’s Live TV still needs a lot of updates.

While you can go directly to Hulu’s Live TV on, your options from the Hulu homepage are very limited.

The only way to access live TV from your computer is now either from a narrow pop-up window at the top of the page (it can be closed and will not appear again unless you reload the page) or from the “beta” from the profile drop-down list (but not from your profile actually).

Hulu’s subscriptions!

  • Hulu’s on-demand app share divides into a subscription with some ads for $8 per month, and an ad-free subscription for $12 per month (which we think is worth the money), with some exceptions such as Grey’s Anatomy.
  • As for the Live TV service, it costs $40 per month for limited ads or $44 per month for watching without ads altogether.

Although Hulu was offering a free (limited) version of its content library, unfortunately, it is no longer exists. The platform moved to a full subscription-based form in 2016, resulting in the cancellation of the ad-supported service.

More on free Hulu accounts

Hulu subscribers can add monthly subscriptions such as HBO at $15, Cinemax at $10, or Showtime at $9, which adds to Hulu’s subscription.

Depending on what you want from Hulu experience, your ad patience, and how many people will use your account, a regular Hulu subscription can cost between $8 and $46 (including additional channels), or $40 to $108 for Hulu’s maximum allowed with a live TV account.

Any of these subscriptions can be a worthwhile addition, with access to countless hours of content viewing, including unique series that can’t be found elsewhere.

Internet speed needed for Hulu accounts

All internet connection speed requirements for Hulu are as follows:

  • Standard quality: 1.5 Mbps.
  • 720p HD quality: You need 3 Mbps.
  • Quality 1080p HD: You need 6 Mbps.
  • Hulu’s Live TV: 8 Mbps.
  • 4K Ultra HD quality: You need 13 Mbps.

For smooth operation, Hulu recommends a minimum of 6 Mbps for Hulu HD and 8Mb for Hulu’s live TV, HD, or 4K Ultra streaming, depending on your device’s capabilities.

Get free Hulu accounts and passwords

Signing in to Hulu is easy, In just a few minutes from your smartphone or computer. Just visit the site and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Subscribe to Hulu with Hulu (No Ads) subscription put your Hulu email, password, name, birth date, and gender then press continue that is all.

You can also link your Hulu account free to your Apple or Android account to make your payment more manageable.

Hulu offers a variety of devices from phones, Blu-ray consoles, smart TVs, etc.

Unlike traditional television, Hulu does not require any long-term contracts or commitments.

You can try the service, get the free 30-day Hulu free trial and then cancel it free of charge (although you must enter your credit card information at the time of registration). If you decide to opt-out, you can easily do so online or via customer service, and if you decide to re-subscribe, you’ll still have access to your account information. And you can pay to access Hulu Premium accounts options, etc.

Be careful and don’t use any free Hulu accounts generator available online, it is not safe to your PC.

Hulu is a great way to keep track of your favorite TV shows and shows.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said Hulu is Netflix’s largest competitor in the United States and they expect it to launch internationally in 2021.

The video-on-demand service created in 2007 has more than 30 million subscribers across the Atlantic.

Finally, you can get your free Hulu account username and password, and soon I will show you more ways to get it below.

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