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People around the world can get their free email addresses from popular companies like Google and Microsoft.

So you can create your Free Gmail accounts and passwords as you want, but I hope you create them for your needs.

Email is your online mailbox just like a regular mailbox where you can send e-mails to and from other people. When you create or make an email you have a special address for this email, just like your address in reality, and when you tell someone that address they can send you an email.

Without a person knowing your email address, he will not be able to send you the message, and of course, you cannot have an address without registering an email.

What is E-mail?

E-mail is a service that helps to send and receive messages via digital devices through the Internet, and maybe in the form of text, graphics, or may be used to send voice files Also.

E-mail enables the person to send mail to a specific individual, group, or a group of people at the same time, as well as to provide many options related to these communications as possible. Save, edit, print, and so on.

How Email work?

 E-mail works within simple basics that can be mentioned as follows: e-mail is based on writing messages in a software that is equipped for the e-mail service, using the keyboard of your computer or other devices, instead of using the pen as in the mail. After you have written the letter, you must specify the other email address to which you will be addressed, and after confirmation, the send button is pressed to allow it to reach the recipient. When you choose a transmission order, the servers take responsibility for transmitting messages between the sender and the recipient, and when you receive a new email, you will be seen in the inbox as soon as you click on it.

E-mail advantages

The use of email has many advantages, both in the business world and elsewhere, including:

Ease of communication: E-mail offers many of the features that individuals need, in which it is possible to send and receive messages quickly between users, Besides, it is commonly used in business for several purposes, such as ordering new customers, organizing employee communication, providing customer service, etc.

Easy access: E-mail is a very effective way to conduct business and tasks with the ability of individuals to access it at all times and everywhere by mobile devices, enabling them to follow up on communications and schedule businesses in their interests, away from Old paper stacking.

Sharing: E-mail reliability makes it easy to communicate between business groups to organize training or collaborative activities, as well as to use it as a way to gather business suggestions between companies and employees without having to work under pressure.

How to register an E-mail?

Several well-known companies offer free email addresses, including:

  1. Microsoft, which provides e-mail service on its Hotmail website.
  2. Google also offers e-mail on its Gmail website.
  3. Yahoo.


We have chosen from these companies how to make an email or email account on Hotmail:

For example, we go to the Google website, then we’ll see a page in which we can fill out the fields as follows:

  1. Name and surname.
  2. Date of Birth.
  3. Status.
  4. Enter a suggestion for your email and how you want it to be an example: this is just an example. You can choose your name and some numbers, but you should remember it well because that is our goal of creating an email.
  5. The password must not be less than 8 digits or letters.
  6. Password Confirmation: Enter the same password you entered the first time.
  7. Choose your country.
  8. Phone Number.
  9. Enter the backup email if you have another account so that you can retrieve the password when you forget it, but if you do not have another account go directly to Stage 10.
  10. Security Questions: Choose a question, answer it, remember the answer because you will use it to retrieve the password if you forget it, and the questions are, for example, what is the name of the city in which you were born.
  11. Enter the code that appears in the picture (CAPTCHA).
  12. Press Accept.

Now we’ve finished explaining the steps of how a new email works with Gmail accounts. Congratulations!

For other companies like Microsoft and Yahoo, the steps are similar.

Free email addresses user-interface

1. Click on new to write a new message.

2. Message box (inbox) is where you can find messages from your friends and from the sites where you’ve registered.

3. Spam folder is where you receive messages from unknown people or sites you have not registered with.

4. The draft letter-box you wrote and did not send.

5. The sent box contains the message box you’ve sent.

6. The trash box is where you can find messages you’ve deleted.

7. List of friends you’ve added.

Finally, I will help you as  I can to create your free email addresses list, I hope you use Free Gmail accounts as the first one for your list.

You can find any new free emails and passwords below, I will update it regularly and I can help you find yours ask me in the comments section.

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