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about us

My name is Alaa Omara. I have been online for 15 years. I studied computer science in 2004 – 2006. I worked as a computer technical engineer at the delta company in my country because I can repair motherboards, HDD, and more.

Freeaccounts cc provides you with what saves a minute of your time or increases your productivity or improves your life with ease.

The best website where you can find free accounts and giveaways on any website or service with an explanation on how to create your free account or get your trial premium accounts step by step.

Where it will provide all-new free accounts in many fields, both free or trials.

I will provide you with all possible legal ways to know how to get your trial or free or premium accounts with little steps but plz be patient because it takes time to find a good legal way.

We don’t offer here any illegal accounts from any type.

I hope my idea makes your search more efficient and easier.

You can visit our contact us page for communication and provide suggestions.

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